Why Lease with Scope?

Scope has been leasing cars to private hire drivers now for eight years. The company was started by Lee Peach and Scott MacDonald with just four vehicles, and has grown to be one of the largest private hire leasing companies on the south coast, with over 150 vehicles and drivers.

The reason for our success is due to the fact that we were private hire drivers ourselves, so we understand what is required, and also the needs of our drivers and vehicles.

The premises are situated in Portsmouth where we have a large unit consisting of a fully equiped garage to cope with the regular servicing and maintenance of all the vehicles. Scope Body Shop is also situated next door to deal with any accident damage that may arise to the vehicles as well as dealing with non-fault accidents from other taxi companies.

The staff at Scope, managers, mechanics and Body Shop specialists, all work to ensure the smooth running and efficiency of the business is always maintained.

Support and Repairs

In the event of an accident Scope are there to help with:

The work force of Scope Body Shop use specialised equipment in all repairs to ensure the highest standards are met.

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